The Global Change Leaders’ gathering in Lyon 2018



The Global Change Leaders launched at their global gathering in Lyon, France, Jan 2018. This gathering brought together 250 systemic Change Leaders from 47 countries who are at the forefront of transforming education systems and, specifically, building learning ecosystems that empower young people to live for the greater good.

With an emphasis on deep listening, radical transparency and collaborative action, this meeting shared various experiences in the realities of changing systemic mechanisms and mindsets. Change Leaders learned about the practicalities of scaling systemic innovations, and revitalised ourselves so that we can continue our work with renewed energy and focus.

Events are the lifeblood of our nascent community. These gatherings represent a unique opportunity to collaborate with Change Leaders from around the world, to amplify your systemic impact, and to contribute to the future of The Global Change Leaders.

Lyon Metropole committed to establish a Learning Ecosystem Prototype in the region. Lyon Metropole hosted The GCL’s launch gathering, dovetailing it with a public ‘Lyon Learning Festival’, which showcased education innovation and fostered interaction with educators from across the region.